February 08, 2003

I usually start with a sketch but found this amazing Matte Painting that says it all way better then i could :)

This is the look I am going for. Of course it will not be as deep, you would need a garage to display that diorama LOL.

I want to try and get Mirrors to create the illusion of size,

but the height is possible and will have a ceiling structure to hold the Vader Tie Fighter and maybe a few other surprises :P

February 08, 2003

Since this is a square room, the decals are what will bring the Movie Likeness to life.

Using pictures like this one, I created all the decals that will be aplied to the foamcore Beams and Wall Panels.

I was going to incorporate lights but after spending 2 days on one beam,

I decided to use only the decals. Of course I could change my mind later on :D

February 08, 2003

Now that the dimensions have been figured out it is time for the most laborious part of making the Diorama: Photoshop Texture Decals.

This is the SKIN of the Diorama and what will give it the movie quality look.

I spent 14 hours this weekend working on the Beam Base and Wall Section.

This Decal is what is glued at the Top Wall. There are 2 versions of these tiles because the Ventilation Grid is absent in every other wall.


February 08, 2003

Right below the previous Decal comes the Wall Base. It is actually part of the image below but was seperated in 2 parts to better show you what you will soon be able to print at home. Variations of these patterns exist as well.

February 08, 2003

And the bottom portion of the Wall Base. You will be able to print these as one sheets for quick and easy construction.

In the actual set, the three sections are seperated by divisions. This will be how Niubniub (longer route) will apply them to the foamcore in the coming weeks.

February 09, 2003

The base of the Beam is an angular shape with only the tip touching the Hangar Floor.

Printing these decals will help you trace the exact shape of your foamcore piece. It is actually better to glue your decals on a larger piece and trim away the edges.

This way the decal fits just perfect. but more on that later on when contruction begins.

February 09, 2003

Now that you have seen the Beam Sides, we shall move on to the Front View.

The triangle is the piece that touches the floor. To it's right is the middle angled piece with 4 variations of Vents to maximize the movie look. On the right is the first piece that goes up the wall.


There are 3 variations of this Decal as well. All that is missing now are the remaining Top Beams with variations. i should be able to finish those during the week.

February 09, 2003

Now that you saw the Walls, if you look at the film or Movie Stills, you will see there are Beams that go all the way up to the ceiling at every 3 Wall Section intervals.

These Neons are the sections that fit on the Beam's Side. They were turned sideways to fit the preview page.


If you turn them 90 degrees and imagine them on top of the Decal below, you will understand where they fit.

Next weekend should begin contruction. Go buy your foamcore :)

February 09, 2003

First thing to figure out is the Scale of the Wall Beams. Since the Hasbro Shuttle is NOT Movie Accurate, we have to do some resizing. Fortunately that means that the Diorama will be a little easier to fit in your home :D

The fun thing about this Diorama is it's ALL Sections.

One Beam Support and One Wall Section are multiplied as many times as YOU decide. This means that if you have a small shelf space, you can do 2 or 3 Sections. if you have more space, you can make 6-7-8-9...it's all up to YOU. Now how cool is that?

As most of you know by now, I will have fun trying to build the most accurate replica that I can. Along the way you will see some shortcuts that you can skip if you don't want to put as much time into building your Docking bay.

February 16, 2003

And here is the TEST section with the proper decals applied. See the difference a little paper can do? :D Hee hee.

Of course these will all soon be available for you to Download so you can recreate the same look for your own collection. This is really all there is to it.

Once you make a Beam and Wall section, it's all about multiplying them to the desired size for your home.

February 16, 2003

Here is a wide view showing how the upper walls will look like.

This is also the EASY way to create your Diorama at home. Simply by gluing the wall patern as ONE piece.

Of course you know by now that I will be doing it just like the real movie set...

which is in 3 pieces with a division layer between each Wall Strip. If you want to go all out like I do, go for it. But this way looks cool also :)

February 16, 2003

Here is a little CHEAT I created in Photoshop by CLONING the sections.

When all the Beams and Walls will be duplicated it should look very close to this. That's what's cool about having the sections modular. It's all up to you to decide how to interpret the Scene. :D

February 16, 2003

Now that I found the scale with the TEMP set, let's start working on the REAL deal :D

These are the pieces you will need to cut to make ONE Beam structure. I will have the actual dimensions available in the Blueprints Section very soon. Of course if you want to modify the height and not create a ceiling,

You can just print the decals, aply them to the patern and chop off to fit your display space.

February 16, 2003

I started by using my Hot Glue Gun to attach the Center Front Strip to the Right Neon Panel.

You can't see it in this picture, but DO NOT align the Strip to the EDGE of the Panel. Leave a tiny 2mm gap so that you will create added detail to the beam. You will understand seeing Picture 015.

February 16, 2003

If you want to increase the durability of the Beam, you can add Hot Glue to the inside seams. I also used some masking tape to hold the Angle at the proper position before applying the Hot Glue.

February 16, 2003

So attach the Left Neon Panel to the Center Strip (#2) with a hot Glue Gun. When that is dry, take the 2 foamcore pieces that fit on the Front Angle (#1 and #3) and attach them to the Side Neon Panels with Hot Glue.

The blue lines are to indicate where the three pieces meet.


Remember to leave a 2 mm gap with the Angle Pieces. Align them with the Center Piece to fascilitate the Decals Aplications

February 16, 2003

Last step is to attach the "V" Front Foot Panels.

Here you can see the 2mm groove that I was explaining earlier. See the shadow on the left side? that is the thickness of the Gap. It's just a little detail but works GREAT when the Decals are in place. I promise :)

Do you want to make your own Emperor Palpatine's Arrival Diorama at home?
These sections are also available to help with this creation.