Welcome to NiubNiub's 2004 Slogan Contest

This year as many might have noticed, I was in so much of a rush, I didn't have time to do my annual Where's NiubNiub? contest :( I still might do it, but later on in the fall. In the meantime, since I love to give away cool prizes :P... I thought, since I need to find a Slogan for my site , why not hold a Contest :D

All you need is to use your brain power to create a cool Slogan for the site. The winner will receive an actual Industrial Light & Magic T-Shirt that was given to me during my visit in Los Angeles. It was designed for this year's SIGGRAPH convention and ONLY available at the show. Not sure exactly how many where handed out, but by 11:00 am all were gone and many fans were not too happy. :P




This is what the actual shirt looks like. It's pumpkin orange - Size Large - with Darth Vader's Helmet on the front chest and "Who's your daddy?" Industrial Light & Magic Siggraph 2004 on the back.



Sometimes used in marketing campaigns, a Slogan is a catch phrase that describes a site or company. Usually 5-7 words long. short, to the point and witty are a winning combination :) Here are a few examples of what I am looking for...

NiubNiub's Universe - " Come get your hands dirty "

NiubNiub's Universe - " Keeping the young in us creative "

NiubNiub's Universe - " Not Diorio...Diorama :) "

NiubNiub's Universe - " Where the big become small "

It's as simple as that...and I know you can do much better - :D So put on your thinking caps and get out your pen and paper and perhaps your idea will be voted the winner !!!



1) Anyone can enter. No age limit, no countries excluded. So I guess that means the entire planet :P

2) You can enter as many Slogans as you wish. Just make sure to seperate them clearly.

3) Remember copyrights. Lucasfilm owns Star Wars, so try and avoid using words that are directly from the movies...for example..."NiubNiub's Universe - Darth Vader's choice for creativity"

4) In the email simply type NiubNiub's Universe.com - " (your slogan here between quotations) "



Contests starts FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2004 until FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

I will then select 5 of my favourite entries and post the Slogans online on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2004

Then like on American Idol, YOU, my visitors will vote on which one YOU like best. The Winning Slogan will be posted FRIDAY OCTOBER 1, 2004



To enter simply click on the contest oval below..






special thanks to EVABLUE.COM and GPCP for special interactive web coding