The BASE for the ground was made from a 3x6 sheet of foam board that was encased in a wooden frame made from 1x4 pine then stained. When you use foam board for your diorama's base, you can make your figures look more life like when you take small brass cup hooks and cut the ring off then place the cut end into the bottom of your figure so that the screw is pointing from the figures foot. Once that is done you can stand your figures in any pose you have in mind for your scene in your diorama.

I used three different colors of extra fine sand for the arenas floor then added small rocks that I chipped into smaller pieces to make look as if they were boulders that the figures would have to step over or around. The larger rocks were made from papier-mâché and wire framing. To help the larger rocks look more real I took sand and sprinkled it over the wet papier-mâché then painted them when they where dry.

I custom made the Gunships with white lace then spray painted them black for the cargo netting as well as repainted curtain areas like rockets and the ship's floor board and added I.D. numbers to the wings and belly of each ships. I repainted a few red clones completely white, white clones yellow and green and I had to cut & re-sculpt them, then added holstered blasters (which I made from an eye glasses cleaning cloth ) to each clone trooper to get the right look. I added small wires to the downed Battledroids to give them more of a "guttedd" droid look.

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